Congratulations! You have just found the absolute best SPAM fighting weapon that the world has ever known! When it comes to killing SPAM nothing is as deadly as an ASSP! Check out the ASSP project site at!

ASSP 2.6.7 ...

ASSP 2.6.5 is ready for download from the Sourceforge site! This release is packed with bug fixes, new features and enhancements! Thomas has put a lot of hard work into this one and it shows. Get it now and find out for yourself why ASSP is the best Anti-Spam solution ever! If you are new to ASSP be sure to check out the Wiki at sourceforge for all the info and documentation. You may join the support forum or email list right here on the sourceforge site.
Ready to go linux and freeBSD based OVF's are available for download.
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What features make ASSP great? ...
- Easy browser-based setup. No web-Server or servlet Server required.
- Uses your existing message transport and existing SMTP server.
- Works with Sendmail, qmail, Postfix, Imail, Exchange, Courier, Mercury, IBM Lotus Domino, and all other standard SMTP servers.
- Runs on Linux, Unix, Windows, OS X, OS/2, and more.
- Automatically customizes to your site's unique email profile.
- Automatic whitelist -- noone you email will ever be blocked.
- Early Sender validation -- Kills most spam before it ever reaches the server.
- Senders receive immediate notification, if mail is blocked but no erroneous bounces are ever generated.
- Redlist keeps an address off the whitelist.
- No-processing addresses pass through.
- Makes use of honeypot type spambucket addresses to automatically recognize spam and update your spam database.
- Bayesian and Hidden Markov Model filter (machine learning) classifies email into spam and non-spam.
- Supports additional site-defined regular expressions to identify spam or non-spam email.
- Can optionally block all non-whitelisted email (for anti-spam zelots).
- Automatically maintains the spam and non-spam databases.
- Accepts whitelist submissions and spam error reports by authorized email.
- Optionally rejects executable attachments from non-whitelisted (or all) addresses, including scripts and MS-Office macros.
- Integrates with ClamAV, VirusTotal  and/or any antivirus application of your choice.
- Optionally generates scheduled block reports.
- Free (as in speech) software -- Licensed under the GPL.
- Practically no maintenance required.
- Active user community, forum and email list for support questions.
- Source code included if you need to customize your installation.
- Runs as a service in Windows.
- Optionally blocks no mail but adds an email header and/or updates the message subject.
- Optionally uses community-based spam statistics to identify hosts that are likely to send spam or non-spam mail.
- In *nix environments can switch to non-root user. Also supports chroot jail.
- Individual users can be configured to receive all mail.
- Shows detailed analysis of spam rating process for specific messages.
- Option to forward a copy of every rejected and/or accepted mail to an address.
- Can block spam-bombs (when spammers forge your domain in the from field).
- Keeps spam statistics for your site.
- Detailed documentation for each configuration parameter.
- Can listen on more than one smtp port.
- It supports IPv6, SSL and STARTTLS.
- It supports SPF,SRS,DKIM, Domainkey, DMARC, ARC, URIBL, DNSBL, RWL, Backscatter detection, LDAP and VRFY user and domain verification.
- ASSP has full unicode support.
- ASSP can be monitored and configured using SNMP.
- Multiple ASSP can share configuration Parameters and databases (cluster).
- Can enhance functionality using plugins (content based executable detection, OCR, DCC, Razor2, blocked mail RSS feed)
- it provides centralized privat SMIME signing and a special mechanism for corporate SMIME signing using one simple privat certificate

And much more!
Auxiliary Support & Service Proxy for SMTP
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